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Haley Pearl AKA The SoundChick sits down with musicians in the metal, rock, and punk music scenes to discuss their music updates and more.

Music Credit: Zack Robertson

Interview With Jaxon Pezzi of Jax Diaries

March 31st, 2021

The SoundChick sits down with Jax Diaries vocalist, Jaxon Pezzi, to discuss the latest updates. This Italian alt-hard rock band has been up to a lot, which includes the production of Riverside Motel (May 14, 2021). Jax Diaries also has a  new music video for "Fury Roads (BOOM BOOM)." Not only that, but listeners will get a sneak peak into some of the paranormal happenings that took place during recording this new music-- eeek!


Music Credit: Zack Robertson (@zack_awts)


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