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Haley Pearl AKA The SoundChick sits down with musicians in the metal, rock, and punk music scenes to discuss their music updates and more.

Music Credit: Zack Robertson

Interview With A Vessel Of Honor

June 9th, 2021

The SoundChick sits down with the members of A Vessel Of Honor to discuss their new music, and what they're up to right now. Featured in our discussion is how this faith-based band is thriving in the current metal community, and their plans on influencing many lives. At the end of our chat listeners can hear the band's new single, "Among The Stars."


Music Credit:

  • Podcast Tracks: Zack Robertson (@zack_awts)
  • "Among The Stars" by A Vessel Of Honor. All rights belong to the band.


A Vessel Of Honor:


The SoundChick:


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