Backstage With The SoundChick

Haley Pearl AKA The SoundChick sits down with musicians in the metal, rock, and punk music scenes to discuss their music updates and more.

Music Credit: Zack Robertson


Hi, I'm Haley Pearl AKA The SoundChick. I'm a living, breathing metal lover in the heart of Atlanta, GA. Green Day is the band that got me into music, however, metal music molded me into the person I am today. Being present in the metal community for over 10 years now, I have recognized the love it has to give. Music has the wonderful power of changing our emotions, feelings, etc. Music can even make us feel transported to a different setting or time. I hate for a good band to go unnoticed. The heavier, alternative music genres tend to face a negative stigma, and many artists get overlooked. This was the motivational drive to start covering these types of bands. You might have seen my past interviews or music reviews on my blog, The SoundChick. Creating Backstage With The SoundChick carries on that same love and passion to promote bands that are sick, and worthy of your attention. For more news and updates with this podcast or blog, you can follow my social media sites. I appreciate your support. As always, rock on, my dudes. 

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